YouTube Round-up | A sufficient girding

Be calm and eat goujons.

It's been a while, but it's time to bring the pain once again with a round-up of YouTube videos! But first, we've got a bit of Kickstarter news. Paul Rose, otherwise known as Mr. Biffo, has today launched his Kickstarter to bring his classic Teletext magazine Digitiser to YouTube! It's sure to be a strange and wild ride, with many a guest and fellow Tuber working on the project. And the campaign's already done very well -- with £17,504 earned so far, it's more than doubled its original target of £7,000. If some proper Retro Gaming TV interests you, then you should go check the campaign out for yourself right here.

And with that said, let's have a look at some awesome YouTube videos from the past few days that you can watch right now!

  • Retro Man Cave, quite possibly the most soothing channel on the Web, has a video asking whether or not the fastest Apple Mac is, in fact, an Amiga. Because, as we all know, the Amiga is the best at everything really. Only Amiga makes it possible.
  • ChinnyVision is back with another odd late '80s relic -- a game based on Spitting Image. How do you make a licensed game from such a show? Just make a fighter, obviously...want to see weird puppets of Reagan and Thatcher duke it out? This one's for you.
  • Digital watches from the ' doesn't get much cooler than that. Here's a look at some particularly hot examples from the almighty Techmoan.
  • In an appropriate video for the current times, Super Bunnyhop gives us an overview of rating systems for games across the entire globe! Here's how various countries regulate our fun, in other words. A curious vid indeed.
  • The 8-Bit Guy is here with some more good old fashioned tech repair. This time he's tinkering about with tthe drive from a Commodore C116...just saying that makes me want to go to my shed (if I had one).

And that'll do it for this round-up! Do enjoy the videos this weekend, especially now that the winter is almost over and we can go out again without fear of being house-bound, slipping up and breaking our pelvis. Not that you'll be going out much if you're going to devote all this time to watching these videos...still, have fun!