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Aren't those snakes pretty?

Ladies and gentlemen of Retronauts, I come to you today with a sad announcement...I am suffering from a case of Out of curiosity, after years of avoiding this easily accessible browser game that I used to admonish my students for playing in their lessons instead of working on whatever they should have been doing when I was a tutor, I decided to see just what the appeal of it was...and now I'm hooked. Forever seeking to create the biggest snake I can in a huge battle arena filled with daring sorties and swoops upon the enemy that might just be a work of staggering genius. Or, in truth, a procrastinator's wet dream that will forever take them away from the task of doing work...but no matter -- despite my affliction, I come to you today with that which you expect on a Friday, a round-up of some of the best YouTube content of the last few days. Just don't let the snakes find out, or they will wrap themselves around me again. So, quickly...

There! Ten nice, long videos for you to get on with. Should sort you out nicely for the weekend! And with that said, it's time for me to head back into the battlefield...I'll get that 10,000-point anaconda yet, mark my words. Don't try to save me from myself. Bye for now!