Retronauts mail call: Super Mario Bros. 2

Both of 'em!

Yep, it's time for more mail submissions to be read in a cool upcoming episode session. Wow!

We have explored a lot of Mario games in depth over the past three years or so, but we kinda skipped one. Two, actually. Two 2s, if you want to be even more specific. Super Mario Bros. 2 from Japan, also known as The Lost Levels, and Super Mario Bros. 2 from the U.S., also known as Super Mario Bros. USA

This weekend, we'll be going deep on Mario's very different sequels, as well as their related works (Vs. Super Mario Bros. and, of course, Doki Doki Panic). If you have thoughts on any of these games, let us know about them… well, now. Drop me an email at jparish [at] or leave a message right here in the comments. Share your memories! Ask us cutting questions! Regale us with opinions. Which game was better? Was Nintendo right to skip the real Mario 2 in the U.S.? Try to keep your comments between 150-200 words, and be sure to post them by end of day Friday for inclusion in the show!