Share your Atari 7800 thoughts and memories!

Yes, friends, it's another Retronauts listener mail solicitation.

Yes, friends, Bob and I will be returning to Midwest Gaming Classic this coming weekend, and in addition to presenting a panel and challenging as many as 15 people to Faceball 2000 deathmatches, we'll also be recording some podcasts on-site. The first of these will be one we've been planning since last year: An Atari 7800 retrospective with our friend, co-panelist, and favorite* Atari 7800 collector and expert Kevin Bunch.

In fact, our 7800 conversation was originally going to be our panel for this year, but we ultimately decided it made more sense as a separate recording in a more relaxed setting. But we hope to cover the system from top to bottom: Its history, its strengths, its weaknesses, and its best (and maybe worst) games. Kevin owns them all at this point, I think, so he'll have plenty to say!

But, of course, a podcast is always more fun when we can get the Retronauts community involved, so we're opening up comments and email to 7800 enthusiasts. Drop me a line at jparish [at] or leave a message in the comments below before this weekend to contribute to the show! Whether you have fond memories of being the one kid at school with a 7800 or have a favorite game you discovered years after the fact, it's all good.

* Except for you. And you. Yes, we still love you all. 

Header image by Evan Amos.