Mailbag catch-up: (Re)submit your thoughts on Final Fantasy VI and Mega Man X

We're gonna make this happen, folks.

A few months back we recorded a pair of episodes on Mega Man X and Final Fantasy VI, and I posted a call for listener mail submissions. If you've heard those episodes, though, you know we didn't have room to include the mail segment. No worries, though — I figured we could record a make-up segment a little later. Imagine my surprise to discover my mail server had totally deleted all of those submissions!

By popular request, though, we're gonna make it happen regardless. If you submitted opinions about those games back in December, now is your chance to see if you still have those messages archived in your outbox. Or, hey, you could always just write a new message. Maybe you can make fun of iam8bit's ridiculous new $100 toothpaste-white Mega Man X commemorative cartridges. It's up to you!

Please send a new letter, or possibly forward an old one, to me at jparish [at] by end of day Friday and we'll include it in this weekend's mailbag catch-up session. Or you can post it in the comments here! I'm pretty sure our comments system doesn't delete messages without warning, so it'll be nice and safe.

That's Mega Man X and Final Fantasy VI. Make it so, kids. Together, we're gonna make the dream (the dream of reading your opinions on a podcast) come true.