Another listener mail call: Savoring Suikoden I & II

Best PS1 RPGs or bestest PS1 RPGs? You make the call!

We're not putting out too many mail calls for this weekend's upcoming podcast recording marathon, but there is one topic we'd love for you (the community!) to sound off on: The Suikoden games for PlayStation. I've been in kind of a PS1 mood and kind of an RPG mood lately, and so it only makes sense to revisit two of the best PS1 RPGs, no? We talked about the series way back in the run of Retronauts, but that was about a decade ago. So the moratorium on revisiting the topic has definitely ended, yeah.

Got anything to say about Suikoden or its sequel? Did you collect all 108 Stars of Destiny in both? Did you do it while still managing to complete Clive's time-based side story!? Does your combat team consist entirely of flying squirrels? Tell us all about your Suikoden I and II memories. (I guess you could also talk about Suikogaiden if you want, those are technically PS1 Suikoden games as well.) Drop me an email at jparish [at] or leave a message here in the comments no later than Friday night, and we'll either read you comments in the Suikoden episode we're recording or else in the mailbag catch-up episode. Thanks, and please look forward to a rollicking conversation!