Retronauts Micro 86 gets caught in the Night Trap

Save us, Dana Plato and anonymous video monitor guy!

I lied earlier this week. Monday's Tetris episode wasn't the last backlog recording we had left over from 2017… it was this one, recorded live last November at Super Famicon in Greensboro, NC. Ah well. So much for journalistic integrity.

I've had this one poised on the brink of publication for months now, but something always comes up in the Retronauts Micro to supercede it. But now, baby, it's Night Trap's time to shine! Especially with the game's legacy coming full circle through last week's announcement that it will be coming to Nintendo Switch — a hilarious turn of events for those who remember Nintendo using Night Trap as a lever with which to throw Sega under the bus in front of Congress, followed by the vow that this game would never appear on a Nintendo system. I guess I'm not the only one who's been made a liar by Night Trap.

As this was recorded live, the sound quality is of course not up to studio quality. It's serviceable, though! Hopefully you'll enjoy the conversation even though it wasn't recorded in the comfort of a nice studio setup.

Retronauts Micro 86
Night Trap
MP3, 27.3.0 MB | 55:00

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Episode description: Recorded live at Super Famicon in Greensboro NC! Jeremy Parish and Chris Sims chat with Josh Fairhurst from Limited Run Games about the mad adventure of bringing schlock-horror FMV classic Night Trap to modern consoles.