The Force is strong with Episode 152

It's all about Star Wars on this week's show.

Are you so tired of all of these star wars? I hope not, because that's the entire topic of this week's episode. Specifically, we explore Star Wars: A New Hope, also known as Star Wars: Episode IV, best known as just The First Star Wars.

As with our episodes on The Goonies and Labyrinth, this conversion revolves heavily around the movie itself — its history, its influence on other media, and its pop culture legacy. But there's still plenty of video game talk about the handful of games based specifically on A New Hope: Atari's arcade game, Attack on the Death Star, Super Star Wars, and a couple of iffy NES games.

Not that we really have a lot to add to The Discourse on Star Wars, but it's a fun episode anyway.

Retronauts Episode 152
Star Wars
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Episode description: Play this show before you go-go
In case you're planning on seeing "Solo"

Jeremy, Ben, and Chris talk about the original Star Wars and the games based on it. Just the original Star Wars. None of these newfangled prequels or sequels!

This week's episode music comes from Star Wars games: The X68000's Attack on the Death Star, Super Star Wars, and… Dark Forces. Yeah, I cheated. That's Expanded Universe material.