The dumbest game about America finally comes to America

Now everyone can write their own giddily ironic blog posts about Metal Wolf Chaos.

There's a rich history of videogames that are just three random words placed together arbitrarily. Jet Grind Radio, Final Fantasy Tactics, Super Mario Sunshine (!?) and now Metal Wolf Chaos, which is being brought to the West for the first time thanks to Devolver Digital.

Revealed at their frankly alarming E3 conference, Devolver have partnered with critical darlings From Software to release 2004's previously Japan-only mecha game. The former Xbox exclusive (that's original Xbox, by the way) will now show up on PC, PS4 and Xbox One as Metal Wolf Chaos XD – a fitting suffix given fans’ faces upon its announcement.

The original game had you play as the benevolent President of the United States, Michael Wilson, pitted against a usurping vice president named Richard Hawk. President Wilson must use his Metal Wolf power armor to liberate the country from Hawk’s tyranny in third-person shooting action. Honestly, now seems like a great time to release such a game, so we can all briefly pretend that the President is somebody else. Unfortunately, Devolver seem to be leaning into an ill-advised “Mech America Great Again” publicity campaign.

Improvements to controls and systems have been promised, as well as modern display options so you can take control of the Commander-in-Chief in 4K. Metal Wolf Chaos XD will be released later this year, if indeed a world remains in which to release it.