Nintendo dumps 20 years of Smash Bros. into one cartridge

Finally, Masahiro Sakurai can return to his home planet, his mission on Earth complete.

No more complaining about Smash Bros. rosters! Unless your complaint is that there are too darn many characters, in which case it's time to start complaining even harder.

Nintendo used today's E3 video stream to unveil plentiful information about its upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Switch, and the major draw is that “everyone is here”. Yes, every character from the N64 original, Melee, Brawl and For Wii U/3DS (including DLC characters) will be joining the party. The return of Ice Climbers! Solid Snake! Useless little Pichu! Even Super Mario himself makes a rare appearance. Everyone's been overhauled with new moves and aesthetic changes, with plenty of returning stages from across the series to complement the bulging roster.

Of course, the biggest news is the long-demanded inclusion of fan-favourite Ridley That's right, Batman's green-clad, trophy-hiding, puzzle-posing nemesis is bringing his brand of criminal conundrums to Smash Bros. Also featuring are those monstrous critters the Inklings (of Splatoon fame) and Princess Daisy, with further surprises undoubtedly to come.

This writer is quite frankly a little fatigued with Smash Bros.—didn't the last one come out about fifteen minutes ago?—but this does appear to be the best one yet in terms of sheer fan-pleasing excess. The announcement of compatability with the GameCube controller adapter will certainly please die-hards, while I'm content to lose with whatever means of input is at hand. I used to play Power Stone on import with the Sega Get Bass Fishing Controller, you know.