Come see Retronauts live, again

It's a bionic celebration with HG101 at Long Island Retro Gaming Expo!

The time has come again for these podcasters of yours to emerge from our studio hidey-hole and record live and in person. Well, one of us will be, anyway. And that one will be... me, Jeremy Parish, heading up to Long Island Retro Gaming Expo in New York for a live presentation on Saturday, August 11.

Since New York is kind of a long cross-country trip for Bob and a quick jaunt up the coast for me, I'll be heading up to New York solo in my capacity as a Retronaut this time around. However! The presentation itself won't be entirely solo. Nope, once again, Kurt and Rob from Hardcore Gaming 101 will be joining me. 

Whereas we went with a deep cut last year (talking about the rarely localized Dragon Slayer series), this summer we'll be talking about something near and dear to our hearts. We're calling this talk "The Super Joe Chronicles," in celebration of Bionic Commando's 30th anniversary. In addition to Super Joe's guest star role in Bionic Commando for NES, we'll be looking at the three games in which he played the leading role as well as his other appearances through the years. And yeah, we'll be debating whether or not we accept his eventual heel turn in our personal canons.

So, please, come and see us August 11 at the Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island! And stick around for the meet-up that evening. We'll be hanging around and will gladly accept both libations and conversation.

And of course, both Bob and I will be heading up to Portland in October, so you won't have to wait too long for your Mackey fix.