Listener mail call: SEGA arcade memories

We're wrapping up our SEGA arcade series, and YOU can be the one to put a bow on it.

Ben, Benj, and I will finally be wrapping up our multi-episode series on the history of SEGA's arcade amusements through the ’80s and ’90s. We just have the final leg of the ’90s to go and that'll be it. And as we embark on this historic (in the sense that all Retronauts is historic) journey, we'd like to take you along with us! 

We've tackled a lot of games with this SEGA series, from Super Zaxxon to Super Monkey Ball. Surely you, the enthusiastic arcade-loving listeners of Retronauts, have plenty to say on this topic! We're leaving the door open for you to share those opinions and memories with us. Share your SEGA arcade recollections and musings and we'll read them as part of our show!

If you want to weigh in for this weekend's recordings, write in soon! You can leave a comment here in the article or drop me a line at jparish [at] — just be sure to do so no later than noon E.T on Tuesday July 31! Please try and keep your message under 200 words, if you can... it's more likely to end up being read on-air if it doesn't take too much time for us to read aloud.