WARNING: A huge retrospective video DARIUS TWIN is approaching fast!

Surprise, fish face!

Another week, another video. This time, though, we have a real Christmas miracle of a game: A Super NES game from 1991 that doesn't suffer from massive slowdown or sprite flicker or other defects. It took a long time for developers to get a handle on the Super NES hardware, and aside from Mode 7 showcases F-Zero and HyperZone, practically everything we've seen over the course of Super NES Works has had a distinctly slow-motion feel to it.

Yet Taito somehow managed to nail it right out of the gate. Look at the silky-smooth shooting here! It's almost too fast.

Not only that, but Darius Twin (yes, it's pronounced "dar-eye-us" — I was surprised, too, when I looked it up) manages to be crazy fast while still supporting two-player simultaneous play. It's quite a change of pace, and a pleasant sight. Even last week's topic, Super Ghouls ’N Ghosts, has a reputation for slowing way the heck down, despite my not experiencing any of that during my recording session. Taito, man. What can't they do?