Montezuma's Revenge, a milestone on the road to 2018's metroidvania moment

One for the Without Whom files.

I had not intended to revisit my Metroidvania Chronicles video series ever again—the five-part Retronauts East podcast series on the genre's history was really meant to be my final word on this set of games. But no. Something like eight metroidvania-adjacent games have shipped (mostly for Switch!) in the past couple of months, and Chasm has reminded me how much I love this style of game, so... yeah, I'm back on my proverbial b.s. again.

So here it is, the continuation of Metroidvania Chronicles... or rather, Metroidvania Works, for consistency's sake. This video series will be updated sporadically, likely picking up steam once we pass the tricky era of trying to get footage of 8-bit computers from the early ’80s.

For this week's entry, Montezuma's Revenge, I was able to cheat a bit and capture from a Master System rather than using footage of the original Atari 800 version. Thank goodness for vintages games with long lives and lots of remakes, huh? The meat of the game is the same regardless of how you play it, though, and it's pretty solid on every system.

Beginning with this episode, I'm also including a rundown of notable games that don't quite merit an entire episode. Just you watch, we'll cover this entire section of gaming eventually. Just another decade or so until Chasm and Hollow Knight!