Return to the roots of Dragon Quest in Episode 169

But thou must!

With Dragon Quest XI out and quite neatly encapsulating almost everything wonderful about the Dragon Quest series, now seemed a perfect time to step back into the past and explore the series' beginnings. This episode didn't work out quite the way we had intended; Bob and I intended to record the whole thing at guest Alex Fraioli's retrogaming bar Critical*Hit in Nagoya back when the two of us were exploring Japan this spring, but wouldn't you know it—we badly underestimated how long it would take us to get to Nagoya and ran short on time before we had to break down our equipment so Alex could serve booze to people.

Thankfully, we had just enough time to record a segment on the original Dragon Quest there, which allowed us to link up with USgamer's Nadia Oxford a little while later to talk about the sequel. And together, these comprise a full episode. Hurrah!

So please enjoy this look back at Dragon Quest I and II, or as you might still be in the habit of calling them if you're an elderly American like us, Dragon Warrior.

Retronauts Episode 169
Dragon Quest I & II
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Episode description: Jeremy and Bob go international to examine the origins of the world's most influential console RPG series. First, we stop in Nagoya to talk Dragon Quest with Alex Fraioli. Then, USgamer's Nadia Oxford beams in from Canada to lament the cruelty of DQII.