Episode 174 details the prehistory of Star Fox

Details from creator Dylan Cuthbert himself.

It's been almost half a year since Bob and I went to Japan to cover BitSummit and interview cool people, yet we still have several podcasts from that trip which have yet to go online. Today takes care of the big one, though! My very first stop on the road to BitSummit 2018 in Kyoto was the offices of Kyoto-based developer Q-Games to speak to company boss Dylan Cuthbert (and company social media/music-making guy Mark Lentz) about his pre-Q work. Specifically, I was interested in learning more about the road that led to the creation of Super NES tech showcase Star Fox

What follows is an hour and a half of interesting insights, information, and anecdotes! And Star Fox! Please enjoy. And huge thanks to Mark and Dylan for making this happen.

Also, be sure to check out the companion piece I wrote over at USgamer.

Retronauts Episode 174
Dylan Cuthbert's road to Star Fox
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Episode description: Jeremy drops by the offices of Q-Games to speak to Dylan Cuthbert (and Mark Lentz) about the early days of gaming and how tinkering with Game Boy hardware led to the creation of the first true 3D game on Super NES, Star Fox.