Mail call: Mega Man 11

Now versus then.

Next in our procession of mail solicitations: Mega Man 11!

No, Mega Man 11 isn't a classic game, having come out only a few weeks ago. But it was built on old bones, you know? As with our Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey podcasts from last year, our goal with this conversation is to take a deep dive into a brand new game that deliberately hearkens back to much older works. The question is, does it expand inventively and respectfully upon classic Mega Man, or is it just a cheap cash-in? We plan to explore this topic, but we also invite you to weigh in with your opinions.

As always, please try to keep your missives to 200 words or less. You can either post them here or send them via email to me at jparish [at[! Either way is great. Please tender your submission no later than Dec. 5, and we'll do our best to include it on the show when we record next weekend. Thanks!