Journey through SNK's archives in Episode 186

A behind-the-scenes look at the recent SNK collection for Switch with producer Frank Cifaldi.

A few episodes back, D. Feit and I mused over the catalog of games included in the excellent SNK 40th Anniversary Collection (which, I believe, will be receiving a bunch of downloadable add-on games this week!). We undeniably approached the topic as outsiders looking in, not even pretending to be experts in matters like Prehistoric Isle and Canvas Croquier. This time around, however, I've gone directly to the source for info on the collection: I caught up with Retronauts friend Frank Cifaldi back at Portland Retro Gaming Expo in October to grill him on the processes and philosophy that went into the collection's production. And while this is an atypically brief episode, clocking in just under one hour in length, it's packed with nutrient-rich information about the unique and innovative nature of SNK's arcade catalog and helps explain just why the new collection is such a worthwhile endeavor.

I realize we've been kind of SNK-heavy lately, but the company's new compilation really is a remarkable piece of interactive archivism, for the reasons explained in this very episode. Frank and crew took advantage of a rare opportunity to squeeze as many one-of-a-kind works into the package... and, hey, it also has built-in support for Flip Grip, which is extra rad. This is probably the last time we'll talk about Ikari Warriors or Munch Mobile for the foreseeable future, so please enjoy. (I do have an Athena-focused episode of NES Works coming up... unfortunately.)

And please do consider picking up SNK 40th Anniversary Collection! Support excellent game preservation and curation!

Retronauts Episode 186
Inside SNK's Archives
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Episode description: SNK 40th Anniversary Collection producer Frank Cifaldi walks us through the process of creating a definitive playable historic record of SNK's decades-old pre-Neo•Geo catalog.

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