Episode 224 attempts to rehabilitate the Virtual Boy's reputation

The noblest of efforts.

You may have heard that I've been spending a lot of time with Virtual Boy of late. Well, it's true. And it's been pretty great. The system had a lot of flaws, but its library was... pretty good? Sometimes great! And in this episode, we team up with Caitlin Oliver and Brian Clark, who agree. Yes, it's a Virtual Boy episode that doesn't spend its entire length dismissing the console out of hand and lamenting the fact that Wario Land was the only good game for it. Has such a thing ever been created before? Well, probably, but not often!

As with last week's Game Pocket Computer episode, this episode encompasses the entirety of the Virtual Boy library—as does the cover art. That's all 22 games right there.

Retronauts Episode 224: Virtual Boy revisited

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Episode description: Jeremy Parish, Bob Mackey, Caitlin Oliver, and Brian Clark convene to discuss Nintendo's least-successful console ever: The benighted Virtual Boy. And it's not as dire a discussion as you might expect—in fact, you might even call us fans.