Virtual Boy is dead, long live NES Works

Return to a more beloved console with a milestone video episode.

Well, Virtual Boy Works is done. Now on to greener—or at least less-red—pastures. Even though the thumbnail graphics for the NES Works series uses red as its key color. Look, what I'm trying to say is: This week's video covers an NES game. It'll be a few weeks before I bear down on the final Virtual Boy wrap-up episodes.

This video ties in handily to the Brøderbund retrospective podcast episode we published last spring. That was where I learned the proper pronunciation of Brøderbund, for one thing. There's a lot of video game history to dig into with this episode, which makes this a nice change from forgotten Virtual Boy games. And the meaty, dual, Japanese and American legacy at work in both of these titles makes it a suitable milestone episode, as this marks the 50th entry in NES Works. That number seems impressive until you remember I've been producing these for almost four years...

Anyway, in case you missed the final two Virtual Boy Works episodes, there was this forgettable Gundam thing:

And the surprisingly excellent but tragically expensive Virtual Bowling, to which you will be seeing a follow-up video much sooner than you expect.

Thanks for watching! Next week: Something completely different.