Episode 144 explores the legacy of '80s mainstay Broderbund

From Lode Runner to The Print Shop, a ubiquitous presence in the lives of early computer nerds.

We've touched on the games of publisher Brøderbund many times over the past year or so — their computer games have come up in our Apple II and Mac episodes, as well as in a dedicated Myst retrospective. Meanwhile, we've touched on most of their console works in our metroidvania-focused conversations, since a surprising number of Brøderbund's handful of NES releases intersected with that genre.

However! We have circled back this week to go into greater depth on the subject. This is by patron request! The noble Jeff Vlasek has asked us to take a deep dive into Brøderbund's history, and we promised we would. So here we are. Can you recognize all the games depicted on this week's cover art?

I guess that's kind of a trick question, since not all the references here are of games — you can also spot a nod to the memorable, ubiquitous computer app The Print Shop as well. For former kids of a certain age, the triple-crown Brøderbund logo speaks to long hours of creativity and fun spent in front of an amber computer screen. The company's outcome is a damn shame, but in its time on this earth, it brought joy into many people's lives.

Retronauts Episode 144
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Episode description: By request of patron Jeff Vlasek, we circle back around to go deep on Brøderbund, a company whose catalog we've touched on numerous times over the past year under the aegis of other subjects. This episode, though, it's all Brøderbund, all the time!

The without whom department: A great deal of information in this episode was taken from David Craddock's excellent book Break Out, which we all highly recommend.

This episode's interstitial music comes from The Guardian Legend and Prince of Persia.