Our roguelike retrospective series finally ascends to Spelunky

From roguelike to roguelite.

Over the past year or so, we've tackled the topic of roguelikes in pretty serious depth, with a couple of special expert guests, all at the behest of show patrons who have excellent taste in genres.

This week, we conclude our journey (as well as our request obligation to patron Andrew Duff—thanks, Andrew!) by tackling the post-Mystery Dungeon facet of the console roguelike. This trek leads us all the way to Derek Yu's Spelunky, at which point the roguelike stops being the roguelike and becomes instead the roguelite. Totally different, honest!

With the genre explored pretty thoroughly, this will be the last time we'll talk about roguelikes. Until, of course, the next time the topic comes up. 

Retronauts Episode 249: Roguelikes—The Road to Spelunky
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Episode description: Finishing out our patron request series on roguelike role-playing games, Jeremy Parish, Bob Mackey, Jason Wilson, and John Harris explore latter-day roguelikes and how we got to the weird, wonderful world of Spelunky.