Episode 251 attempts to whip Temple of Doom into shape

Hope you like mine carts!

We're long overdue for a follow-up to our Raiders of the Lost Ark podcast from last year... though, to be honest, we actually recorded that follow-up a while back. It just sometimes takes us a while to get our episodes out and into the ether. That's what happens when you're working with a six-month backlog of evergreen content. Hoist by our own retrospective petard....

But here it is at long last: Our Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom episode. If you're expecting the same sort of gushing enthusiasm we lavised upon Raiders, well... I'm afraid this is the wrong episode for you. Although we don't hate this movie, we do have a lot of issues with it. From plotting to settings to characterizations to its handling of other cultures, Temple of Doom was kind of a mess, and this week, we wade right into it from the word go. Brace yourself.

Naturally, we also talk about the games based on Temple, but we don't have a lot of kind things to say about those, either. Sorry!

Don't worry, though. One of these days we'll tackle The Last Crusade, and the light joy will once again return to our eyes. At least until we get to the part where we talk about the NES games, anyway...

Retronauts Episode 251: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
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Episode description: Retronauts East (Jeremy Parish, Benj Edwards, Chris Sims, and Ben Elgin) returns to the ’30s to evaluate the failings and successes (mostly failings) of Indiana Jones's most Problematic-with-a-capital-P adventure—and its impact on games, of course. Frickin' mine carts....