Melt some Nazis with Indy in Retronauts Micro 92

Punching Nazis is also acceptable, as is dicing them in flying wing propellers.

It's another Retronauts Micro episode focused heavily on media that inspired video games... and, wouldn't you know it, a Retronauts Micro episode whose length practically qualifies it for standard episode status.

Oh well. You're not the boss of me. You can't make me stick to my own loosely stated rules, anyway. 

This episode may feel a lot like a follow-up to our Star Wars episode from a couple of months ago, and that's because... it is. Raiders of the Lost Ark came into existence in large part because of Star Wars' success, and the two films have similar cultural cachet. They also both inspired a fair few video games!

We mostly focus on the film here, though, because the games specifically based on Raiders weren't too terribly numerous... nor were they that good. Still, Benj makes a good case for the Atari 2600 as a great product of its time, and I recently received an email from a listener who worked at the studio behind Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures explaining the somewhat lacking quality of that particular Super NES game had to do with a rushed schedule combined with the looting of development resources in order to focus on Super Return of the Jedi. So there's that! Maybe someday we'll get around to the other two Indy movies and their games, as well as discussing apocrypha like Fate of Atlantis and Kingdom of Crystal Skulls.

Retronauts Micro 92
Raiders of the Lost Ark
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Episode description: Jeremy, Chris, and Benj take a wildly disorganized (one might say "postmodern") journey through the original adventure of Indiana Jones... and eventually remember to touch on the games based on the film, too.