Retronauts Episode 320: A Castlevania Deep Dive

This podcast kills vampires (and mermen and gorgons and mummies and...)

Finally, the time has come for Retronauts to focus an entire episode of one of my favorite video game series: Castlevania! This little-known and underappreciated franchise is…*puts hand to ear* I'm sorry, I'm getting word that Retronauts has, in fact, dedicated a great many episodes to Castlevania??

No matter, this one is different. For starters, it's only about the original game, Castlevania. Also, that's a lie: it's about the original game and the many attempts Konami made over the years to retell that first encounter between Simon Belmont and Count Dracula. Video game reboots are just a thing we live with now, but there was a time when it was a radical idea for a game publisher to say "Let's try that again, but not as a sequel."

Joining us on this episode are Shane Bettenhausen and USGamer's Nadia Oxford (co-host of Axe of the Blood God), two returning guests who have plenty to say about vampires and the slaying thereof.

Description: Jeremy Parish, Shane Bettenhausen, and Nadia Oxford break quarantine to return to Transylvania for an in-depth look at the original Castlevania for NES and its many, many alternate versions and remakes through the years.

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Artwork for this episode by Greg Melo and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy