Retronauts Episode 443: Years in Review Revue: 1982 & 1992

Three months ago, the Retronauts East crew sat down to record an episode about 1972 and 1982, but their thoughts on the former ran long, forcing them to cut their chat about the latter short. This week, they've reconvened to wrap up that '82 business so they can cruise into 1992.

Those two years couldn't be more different, as 1982 laid the groundwork for the American video game crash that almost killed the home console market before Nintendo and Sega came to the rescue the following year. One decade later, 1992 saw huge sales for Nintendo and Sega's fancy 16-bit machines and it was anyone's guess which console would win over the most fans.

Joining Jeremy Parish to talk about these two landmark years are Benj Edwards, Ben Elgin, and returning Retronauts East regular Chris Sims. They won't be reuniting to talk about the year 2002 anytime soon because we already released that episode back in January.

Description: The Retronauts East team finally finishes what they started at the beginning of the year by talking about the rest of 1982's gaming milestones before moving ahead a decade and very nearly not finishing a discussion of 1992. Like you're SO surprised.

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Artwork for this episode by John Pading and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.