Kickstarter Kompilation: April 2022 edition

More Metroidvanias and a Meaty booK about MK

2022 is 25% complete? You don't say! Shoutout to everyone who has made it this far; April looks to be a fun month for video games and not freezing indoors. As always, we have no financial interest in any of these projects, although one of these listings is tangentially Retronauts-related (but we think that's a good thing). Also, in light of the ongoing pandemic, we recommend only backing crowdfunding campaigns if you feel comfortable with your own security and stability.

Pioneer 2140CC (ends April 9 estimated reward date April 2023)
I seldom include visual novels in these lists because there's just too many of them to count each month, but this one intrigues me for two reasons. First, it's got a retro-sci-fi angle that I really dig, and second, it's based on a novel from 1983 which makes it double-retro. If that sounds interesting to you as well, there's a demo available on the campaign page.

Astebros (ends April 10 estimated reward date March 2023)
Way back in October of 2019, we highlighted Demons of Asteborg, a new game for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Almost three years later, the creators are back with another 16-bit Sega game, only this time they're going for a roguelite. As with their last project, Astebros will have a physical cartridge release in addition to a digital version for Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Shyftrs (ends April 16 estimated reward date August 2023)
Here's another 2D Metroidvania with a parallel-world concept (always good news), but this one stars a cowboy who is also a werewolf? Whatever his particular mutation, he has two distinct forms (agile speedster and lumbering brute) which he'll need to make his way through the deepest underground caverns in the Kingdom of Aden. The art is on the cute side, which I appreciate given how grim some of these subterranean games can be.

Afterimage (ends April 22 estimated reward date November 2022)
Here's another 2D Metroidvania…wait, didn't I just write this sentence? Oh, this one is different because it has more of a fantasy vibe and the hero is a heroine (and doesn't wear a ten-gallon hat). The team says they've already put three years into the game and it shows; they've already got a demo on Steam and their target release date is late 2022.

Kraino ReAnimated (ends April 25 estimated reward date September 2023)
Skeletons are often the jabronies of the video game world, but I think they're underrated as protagonists. They look cool as hell! Case in point: Kraino is a dapper gentleman who's fighting his way through slimes, fishmen, and other skeletons. He's got a bone for a melee weapon, a bone boomerang, and an axe.
Kraino ReAnimated looks impressive (there's a demo), doubly so considering it is the work of a single developer. The campaign has a long way to go as of this writing, I think this one's a hidden gem!

Long Live Mortal Kombat (ends April 28 estimated reward date October 2022)
Author David L Craddock is so excited about the history of Mortal Kombat, he's writing not one, not two, but THR3E books about the series' origins, impaKt, and legacy. This project concerns the first volume covering the beginning of MK up through its final arcade release.
Book One is already written and David was nice enough to send us an advance copy, so I'm comfortable endorsing it because I can see the amount of first-hand accounts and attention to detail in the story. In fact, David will be on an upcoming episode of our podcast dedicated to the first Mortal Kombat game, so look forward to that!