Retronauts Episode 482: Retronauts Radio Summer 2022

Hot jams for the hottest summer (yet)

My love of video games has waxed and waned over the years if I'm being honest, but video game music, my brain's just wired to feel nothing but adoration for that. Gimme beeps and boops, gimme FM synth, gimme all your sound chips, I'll take 'em all, forever.

If you love video game music too, let DJ Toastyfrog (aka chief Retronaut Jeremy Parish) take you on a journey through recent vinyl releases of video game music. As Jeremy states, this is our first Retronauts Radio episode since 2021, and the first free episode for the public since 2018! If you like these kinds of music-heavy podcasts, we hope you'll consider clicking those links below to join our Patreon, especially since supporters get to hear all our recordings in higher quality.

Description: Jeremy Parish spins up the ol' turntable and activates Public Radio DJ mode to look at some of the best new old game music releases for 2022, including Metal Gear, Mega Man, Scott Pilgrim, Bomberman, Breath of Fire, Darius… and even some non-game tunes.

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Artwork for this episode by Amanda Pruitt and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.