Retronauts Episode 528: The Super Mario Bros. Movie

A Lakitu Bros. Joint

Well well well, after decades of Hollywood struggling to adapt video games to the silver screen, it turns out just putting wildly popular characters on the screen and letting them be equals box office gold. Who knew?

Now that the secret's out and Mario & company are rolling on coins, we can expect sequel after sequel to hit theaters in the coming years. But we here at Retronauts do have to ask one question: is this movie any good? Our panel of podcasters say "no!"

Bob Mackey, Henry Gilbert, Stuart Gipp, and Jess O'Brien—four adults with a lifetime of Mario memories—sound off this week on why they all felt his first proper cinematic outing doesn't deserve the moniker "super."

Description: Mama mia! The Super Mario Bros. Movie is here, and currently dominating the box office with the biggest global opening weekend ever for an animated film. It's clearly won the popular vote at this point, but is the first new Mario movie in 30 years worth its weight in box office gold? On this episode of Retronauts, join Bob Mackey, Henry Gilbert, Jess O'Brien, and Stuart Gipp as the crew readies their thumbs to assume either the down or coveted up position. Danger: opinions ahead!

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