Retronauts Episode 531: ToonStruck

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In our modern, post-CGI world, we are accustomed to seeing human actors interact with animated characters. One might even say we've grown spoiled by advanced special effects to the point that the line between flesh and pixels has been blurred beyond recognition.

However, 30 years ago, audiences remained fascinated by Who Framed Roger Rabbit and its fantasy world where "toons" walked among us and we could, in turn, enter their home turf as easily as we could drive to the mall. This gave us bizarre movies such as Cool World and our primary topic this week, 1996's ToonStruck.

Repeat guest Jess O'Brien makes her Retronauts hosting debut with this episode dedicated to an FMV point-and-click adventure game made squarely to capitalize on that very 90s desire to merge celebrities and cartoons. Joining her to wonder aloud if Christopher Lloyd even remembers making this game are writer Cohen Edenfield and famed "This is fine" cartoonist KC Green.

Description: Christopher Lloyd and Toons, together again! New contributing host Jess O'Brien, Cohen Edenfield, and KC Green unpack Toonstruck, the 1996 cult point-and-click that makes us wonder "Who is this for?" and "Why is it so horny?"

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Artwork for this episode by Jess O'Brien and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.