Retronauts Episode 551: Retro indies at Bitsummit '23

No mics, no studio, no problem!

We here at Retronauts focus our energy on celebrating video games from the past, but we are not exclusively beholden to chronicling history. From time to time, we encounter brand-new video games that catch our attention because they embody an element or a function tied to classic games that we know and love.

So when Jeremy Parish and I (Diamond Feit) dropped by the indie game event BitSummit in Kyoto, Japan last month, we played a number of smaller, under-the-radar titles that stood out for their retro-ness. Official sequels to older properties, unofficial homages to games we've played before, and original concepts that remixed old ideas into new experiences; we saw our share of all these things and it prompted us to sit down and record an impromptu podcast about our weekend in Kyoto.

I must emphasize "impromptu" as we opted to record in person using improvised equipment, so this episode includes elements we normally avoid such as background music and shrilling insects. However, it also gave us the opportunity to include an off-the-cuff interview with guest Jörg Tittel who happened to be at the show. So after hearing Jeremy and my picks for exceptional indies, stay tuned for my segment with Jörg where I ask him about his surprise involvement with Illbleed, the unique Dreamcast-exclusive horror game that remains a curiosity to this day.

Description: Jeremy Parish and Diamond Feit emerge blinking into the Kyoto sunlight to discuss the most intriguing, the most entertaining, and above all the most authentically retro indie games they experienced only moments before at BitSummit 2023.

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Artwork for this episode by Greg Melo and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.